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Extra-Curricular Activities 

Engaging preschoolers in a variety of extracurricular activities is important for their development. The activities we offer are  age-appropriate, fun, and designed to stimulate different aspects of their growth. Here are some popular extracurricular activities we offer here at Birdham Pre School: 

Cooking and Food Activities:

  • Simple cooking or baking projects

  • Healthy snack preparation

  • Food-themed crafts


It provides an opportunity for them to develop fine motor skills, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and a sense of accomplishment. When engaging in woodworking activities with children, safety is of utmost importance. The staff always supervise them closely, using age-appropriate tools, and follow safety guidelines. Here are some woodworking ideas suitable for children:​

  • Tool Exploration- We introduce children to safe, child-friendly tools such as hammers, nails, and screws. Allowing them to practice using these tools under close supervision.

  • Wooden Instruments- We create simple musical instruments like shakers or drums using wooden materials. We decorate them with paint or coloured markers.


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