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Eco Committee

We have an Eco Committee at our preschool, its an excellent way to introduce the children to environmental awareness and sustainability.

The committee involves both children and our staff, fostering a sense of responsibility and care for the environment. Here are some of the activities we get up to: 


By incorporating these ideas, our Eco Committee will help instill a sense of environmental responsibility and sustainability in young children, laying the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of the natural world.

  • Nature Walks: We go on regular nature walks to explore the natural surroundings of our preschool and local area.

  • Storytelling: We share age-appropriate stories and books about nature, recycling, and conservation.

  • Clean-up Days: We organise clean-up days where children pick up litter around the preschool premises, local beaches and area. 

  • Bird Feeders: Create simple bird feeders to attract local birds to the outdoor spaces.

  • Mini Gardens: We have created a small, manageable garden where children can plant and care for flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

  • Recycling Bins: We have placed labeled recycling bins in classrooms for paper, plastic, and other recyclables.

  • Composting: We have a small composting area in our forest hub for organic waste from snacks and activities.

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