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Week One
Monday- Lasagne and Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

Fruit Salad

Tuesday- Eggs, Gammon and Sweet Potato Chips


Wednesday-Cheesey Pepperoni Pasta


Thursday- Mild Curry Chicken with rice

Swiss Roll

Friday- Fish Goujons, Wedges and Peas

Fruit Jelly 

Week Two
Monday: Sweet and Sour Noodles

Fruit Salad
Tuesday: Spaghetti Bolonese and garlic bread

Wednesday: Cheesey, bacon potato slices and beans

Fruit Tart
Thursday: Omelette
Ice Cream
Friday: Enchiladas and Salad
Seasonal Fruit Pie 

Week Three
Monday: Cottage Pie
Fruit Jelly
Tuesday: Pizza and Sweetcorn
Fruit Salad
Wednesday: Hot Dogs and Beans
Meringue and Fruit Sauce
Thursday: Southern Fried Chicken and Crudites
Oat Biscuit
Friday: Meatballs and Vegetables
Greek Yoghurt 

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